Carmen Tosca is a South African Musician, Artist, Animaltarian, Financial Coach, Psychic and Intuitive Empowerment Teacher, and Healer for Women. 
Being self-taught, she does the full production and arrangements of her compositions within the genres of Ambient, Chillout, New Age & Electronica, where she blends it all together to make up a very tranquil and soothing sensation. Making music for your mind, body & soul, Carmen transcends musical boundaries with a sound that is intercontinental. With meditative and peaceful elements, she embodies that positive energy and spirit as she gives you that Zen moment with her music.
"Wind" is the title of her debut album released in 2008 and the second one "Time Only" followed shortly in 2010. Various singles came after that as well as her "Flow Series" which are impromptu recordings from her piano. 
Besides her independent album releases, her music has appeared on various internationally renowned compilations, including ‘Goa Chillout Zone Vol 6’ with the song “Gaia”, "Breathe" on ‘Goa Chillout Zone Vol 7’ and  “Vortex” on 'Goa Chillout Zone Vol 8'. “Luring In Trance” appears on ‘Independent No. 1's Vol 5’, also released through WOA Records.
Carmen brings an immense passion to all her work and is a visionary with the purpose to shift perceptions and energies to help better the world around us. 
Visit her Digital Download site for art here and Homeware and Accessories Store here.
If you would like to be guided toward transforming your financial wellness:

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